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Melissa’s Flower

When a tragedy happens, Grandma Laura has to help her grandchildren learn to cope with one of life’s saddest moments. “Melissa’s Flower” is the first in a series of inspirational children’s books by Deacon Keith Berg. The book, released by Publish America, is also available directly from the author, Deacon Keith, by emailing him at the address below.

Deacon Keith Berg

Author of The Grandma Laura Stories

Growing up in New York, Keith was ordained a deacon in June 2001, and serves in the Roman Catholic Church’s Diocese of Metuchen. Although he has travelled all over the world, he still considers himself, “A kid from Brooklyn.” He loves writing children stories, and lives in New Jersey with his wife Joann and their two children.


The first book in the

                 Grandma Laura Series

Grandma Laura

and the Grandkids


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